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Playing around a bit with making an artwork for part of my wedding present to my BFF and her groom - the numbers are the wedding date and the words are actually the lyrics of the bride and groom’s first dance song, as you can see from the close up in the second photo. Was planning to print it out on thick cardboard, then embossing the numbers so they stick out and get it framed. 

I’m unsure if it’s too simple or if it’s not subtle. I also don’t know what size to make it overall. What sizes are good for wedding artwork? A4? A3? I didn’t want the lyrics to be legible until you’re near it. Plus, should the font be cursive instead?

So many options! Thoughts/ideas?

ETA: Oops, forgot to mention they won’t live together until after they get married, so I don’t know what their interior design is or what they prefer and don’t have other artwork of theirs to compare against. The bride is very girly and the groom is very stereotypically masculine though, so thought I’d try and keep the artwork as unisex as possible.

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    what a beautiful idea for a wedding present! so talented lacewings :)I was thinking about doing something similar for...
  2. style-ised said: Hmm, in that case, I would keep it as it is. And maybe have a slightly more girly/feminine frame? And as a bride-to-be, can I just say that this present rocks! It is such a good idea :)
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