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I’m planning on going to Europe for 2 - 3 months later this year (August - October 2013, say what!) as a celebratory ‘I’ve finished uni forever!’ present. All I’ve been doing the past month is googling destinations, looking up accommodation prices and making lists upon lists upon lists.

One of those lists includes a potential packing list (8 months in advance; can’t say I’m not prepared), complete with photos! This is literally the entire wardrobe I would pack, bar underwear and socks. As in, this list includes what I would sleep in. Multi-tasking clothing, yo. And yes, most of this stuff I already have. You don’t want to make a packing list that includes a lot of stuff you need to buy. You need to save that money!

What makes this so perfect for me is a neutral palette, comfortable and easy to move around pieces, fun accessories that don’t take up much room (yes, I would take some jewellery; can’t help myself), and pieces that layer well for warmth and can easily be mixed and match.

Though, 8 months from now, who knows? Hahaha.

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