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Some of you might remember this post about my planned wedding present to my BFF and her now-husband.

Well, it came back from the framers (London Art Company) yesterday! I’ve since changed the design slightly, but the idea remains the same. And yes, the dates are different because I accidentally used the wrong date on the original design. I ended up printing it A3 and combined with the frame, it turned out perfectly. With printing at Officeworks and getting it framed (including glass), this turned out to be pretty budget-friendly.

Oh, and she loved it, btw :)  I think she finally realised why I kept hounding her about her first dance song choices, haha!

  1. style-ised said: It’s beautiful!
  2. purplepygmypuff said: It looks amazing! Such a beautiful gift.
  3. peachcordial said: This is gorgeous! I love it. Great idea for a wedding present. I need to find something for my brother’s wedding
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